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Welcome to The Softalk Apple Project website. And a Special HELLO to Softalk Forever!!! Facebook group members.

Our site and its associated project to create a digital archive of the complete run of Softalk magazine is in its early stages and growing as a grassroots community project. So far you can get just a taste of the depth and breadth of the content of the remarkable Softalk magazine. Take a look around and set a bookmark so you can come back to check on our progress. We'll be heading to Kickstarter to fund our exciting plans to preserve, explore, and extend the content legacy of Softalk magazine.

Exec: Sir-Tech - Wizzing to the Top

Ever wonder why that little bucking bronco symbol is on the back of your Wizardry manual, encircled with the words “Frederic Remington Country?”

Frederic Remington was a loner who dedicated his life to depicting the solitary existence of the cowboy and the vanishing lifestyle of the American Indian; he painted the wild mustangs of the prairies and the lonely, majestic beauty of the Great Plains and the Rockies. His works embody the spirit of the western wilderness. By the time he finished his travels around the American frontier, it had become a part of him; the life was in his blood. He chose Ogdensburg, New York, as his permanent place of residence.


Softalk Apple Project and FactMiners Are Ashoka/LEGO #Play2Learn Semi-Finalists!

We are very excited to announce that both The Softalk Apple Project and FactMiners have been selected as semi-finalist Pacesetter projects in the Ashoka #Play2Learn challenge. Selection as a Pacesetter comes after a thorough screening process in which 636 entries were considered. We are incredibly pleased to be moving on to the next phase of this Challenge.

Assembly Lines by Roger Wagner - Part 16

Assembly Lines, Part 16 was first published in Softalk in January 1982. This was the first article in what was supposed to be "Volume 2" of "Assembly Lines: The Book". Unfortunately, Volume 2 remained unpublished when Softalk went bankrupt in August 1984. Part 16 is actually the first of three parts where Roger Wagner explains how to interface assembly language with Applesoft Basic.


Ashoka and LEGO Foundation Launch changemakers #Play2Learn: We're In! :-)

The legendary social enterprise incubator and advocacy organization, Ashoka, and LEGO Foundation have teamed up for a monumental changemakers.com #Play2Learn program. Here's the opening statement about this Changemaker Challenge:

In the face of critical and complex challenges, we believe that children and young people need to better develop creativity, imaginative problem-solving, teamwork, empathy, and inspiration so they can step into leadership roles in pursuit of purpose.


Timlynn Babitsky Takes Reins as Head Archivist and Project Director

Timlynn Babitsky to "stick around" as Head Archivist & Project Director of The Softalk Apple Project

May 5, 2014. STAP Founder and Research Director Jim Salmons announced today that Timlynn Babitsky has accepted the combined roles of Project Director and Head Archivist for the Softalk Apple Project. Her focus will be on managing preparation of all 9,300 pages of Softalk magazine for preservation in the Stanford Digital Repository, coordinating and supporting the work of Volunteer Archivists, and extending the content of the STAP website with new articles, posts and authors.

Timlynn brings a wide and varied background to the STAP project. She is a gifted educator, mentor, organizer and manager, a well-published writer, and a skilled public speaker. "Timlynn is really adept at wearing many hats, and keeping every project moving smoothly," noted Jim Salmons. "She will be a strong lead for the Softalk Apple Project."


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