Advisor Laine Nooney WOWs Them at IndieCade

We are rightly proud of STAP Advisor, Laine Nooney. Laine, currently with the Department of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University took the stage at IndieCade and totally wowed her audience with the incredible "social theater" surrounding one of the early On-Line Systems games, Softporn Adventure.

According to Laine, Softporn Adventure, an erotic text adventure, was much less interesting than the advertisement promoting it. The ad generated heated letters to the editor in the original source that ran it, the Sierra Star in Oakhearst California, and flaming letters to the editor of every other publication that ran the ad.

When Softalk magazine ran the advertisement, the arguments in the Open Discussion column there went on for months. The argument around Softporn Adventure captured in the pages of Softalk magazine is just one example of the kind of historical data that is locked in the 48 issues, 9,300 pages of this repository of early micro-computing history.

As Nooney noted at IndieCade, "The dialogue around Softporn was perhaps the first time a cultural debate was happening in and around a computer gaming community itself." Click on the link for the rest of the story and more on Laine's presentation at IndieCade.