Now there's 'More to the Story'...

Okay. Now that this project and website have gone live, it's time for me to start blogging a bit. For my first post, I am pleased to announce that we've added a new content type to our content management system! 'More to the Story' stories are part of the 'extend' dimension of our 'preserve, explore, and extend' project mission.

'More to the Story' stories provide a way for former staff and contributors to Softalk to tell those behind-the-scenes tales of how the published content came to be. To complement this new content type, we've added a new role, Former Softalker, which can be assigned to user accounts of those who were former staff or contributors to Softalk magazine. If you are a community member AND a former Softalker, let us know by private message so we can add this role to your account. This will allow you to contribute 'More to the Story' stories.

Up first? The amazing (if I do say so myself) behind the scenes tale that blows the lid off Softrek. Well, there really isn't a lid in need of being blown off, but it is an amazing story all the same... Check out the two-part "Softrek 'Goes Mobile' in 1982"

Happy Softalking,