I was six years old in 1983 when we got our first computer and I started reading Softalk...

I was six years old in 1983. As fall became winter, I was taking my first tenuous steps into the first grade at St. Paul’s school in suburban Baltimore.

My parents had never owned a computer, but the forward-thinking school wanted each student to have one at home. The school had Apple’s, so my parents felt that it was important to have the same thing at home.
So it was that for Christmas, our big “family gift” was an Apple //e, complete with the Apple monochrome display, an ImageWriter, and two disk drives. Several other boxes contained AppleWorks, and some games.

The local Apple dealer also included several Apple-oriented magazines. They were colorful, fun looking magazines with names like Call A.P.P.L.E, InCider, and, of course, Softtalk!

For a time, we took subscriptions to all three of these magazines. I always loved to read, and I thought then, as I do now, that Apple’s products photographed so beautifully. Even just looking at the glossy pictures was a joy. I remember one of the first issues, the one that stands out, featured on the cover a picture of the Mac. I had never used a Macintosh, and didn’t know anyone who owned one. But I remember reading, and re-reading, the piece about how Apple manufactured their products. It was fascinating to me how Apple took such care in their manufacturing and design. In an era where we have become so disconnected to how things come to be, a view into the world of their creation created a link for me to the magical machine sitting on the desk in our den.

I am 36, and feel that Apple has grown up alongside me. I have seen, intimately, fortunes built, and technology for people in general mature, and become relevant and intertwined in everyone’s life. I also feel like the written work really inspired a journey that has undeniably influenced my life and my work. It was the basis for my professional success, and my sense of self. We write down our stories that we may remember them, share them, and through this sharing we experience, and connect to each other.

This project promises to inspire. Sharing, connection, and social media will prove to unearth the stories of the people who made this thing happen. That’s inspiring. The groups that come together will undoubtedly help to remember the pioneer generation that has made all of this possible. And how exciting is that! Together, let's continue the conversation, and continue the journey of discovery.