November 1980 issue now on-line!


We have updated the November 1980 (V.1.03) Issue Profile of Softalk. We wish to thank Friend of Softalk Bob Murphy for the loan of his issue for scanning. In addition to the half-resolution sample cover and contents pages, we're pleased to post the full issue in PDF format.

This is an especially interesting issue as its theme is Music and includes detailed articles on rocker Todd Rundgren's Utopia band and their techno-geek proclivities as well as articles with reviews of music hardware, software, even how to do music programming. It is truly astounding how far we have come in terms of microcomputers in music since then.

As and interim solution for those chomping at the bit to read full issues of Softalk, The Softalk Apple Project will produce QDC (Quick, Dirty, and Compact) full issues in PDF format as part of our preservation and exploration mission. QDC versions are produced from the set of high-resolution "reference images" being made when an issue is scanned. We then take these images into the excellent ABBYY FineReader OCR program to produce the PDF. No manual editing of OCR text is performed and image compression is used to get these QDC files reasonably sized.

In addition to producing QDC PDF files as an interim step when scanning issues for reference images, we welcome "one-off" requests for specific article or page-range scans for Friends of Softalk.