Timlynn Babitsky Takes Reins as Head Archivist and Project Director

Timlynn Babitsky to "stick around" as Head Archivist & Project Director of The Softalk Apple Project

May 5, 2014. STAP Founder and Research Director Jim Salmons announced today that Timlynn Babitsky has accepted the combined roles of Project Director and Head Archivist for the Softalk Apple Project. Her focus will be on managing preparation of all 9,300 pages of Softalk magazine for preservation in the Stanford Digital Repository, coordinating and supporting the work of Volunteer Archivists, and extending the content of the STAP website with new articles, posts and authors.

Timlynn brings a wide and varied background to the STAP project. She is a gifted educator, mentor, organizer and manager, a well-published writer, and a skilled public speaker. "Timlynn is really adept at wearing many hats, and keeping every project moving smoothly," noted Jim Salmons. "She will be a strong lead for the Softalk Apple Project."

"Jim and I have worked together on a portfolio of projects since the early '80s," said Timlynn. "FactMiners, and the Softalk Apple Project so highly complement each other. We want to move both projects forward together. I am very excited about taking on the STAP responsibility. This will free Jim up to focus more of his attention on the FactMiners project, so both projects gain greater momentum."

If you would like to help archive and extend the Softalk collection, contact Timlynn: If you are a STAP community member, you can contact Timlynn via her Member Contact Form. Non-members can contact Timlynn via the STAP website Contact Form (select the appropriate topic).