Game History

Advisor Laine Nooney WOWs Them at IndieCade

We are rightly proud of STAP Advisor, Laine Nooney. Laine, currently with the Department of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University took the stage at IndieCade and totally wowed her audience with the incredible "social theater" surrounding one of the early On-Line Systems games, Softporn Adventure.

Exec: Sir-Tech - Wizzing to the Top

Ever wonder why that little bucking bronco symbol is on the back of your Wizardry manual, encircled with the words “Frederic Remington Country?”

Frederic Remington was a loner who dedicated his life to depicting the solitary existence of the cowboy and the vanishing lifestyle of the American Indian; he painted the wild mustangs of the prairies and the lonely, majestic beauty of the Great Plains and the Rockies. His works embody the spirit of the western wilderness. By the time he finished his travels around the American frontier, it had become a part of him; the life was in his blood. He chose Ogdensburg, New York, as his permanent place of residence.

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