Scanning & Preservation SIG Report #2. 825 GB and Counting!

It's been another pretty productive week here in the Scanning & Preservation SIG. Taking into account the scans of ST.Mac and Softalk for the IBM Personal Computer publications, together with the original Softalk magazine for the Apple, the STAP archive now has over 825 GB (gigabytes) of Softalk publication scans. Here's what I've been up to on behalf of the SIG this week:

  • I got the last issue in my personal collection scanned (Feb 1983 of Softalk) bringing the total page count of all Softalk Publishing publications that I have scanned up to 12,128.
  • I've started rescans on a handful of issues that weren't at 600 dpi or had other quality issues. I rescanned three issues of ST.Mac and have the complete run scanned at 600 dpi now. (Although I would like to scan the cover of May 1984 from a different issue as the copy I have has some damage.)
  • Now I'm going to be working on rescans. I've got three issues of Softalk (June 82, July & August 84) that I have but need to be rescanned at 600 dpi. I should have those done this coming week.
  • Meanwhile, I've started exporting my high-resolution PDF scans to lossless high-resolution TIFF files. Actually, I'm providing the STAP archive four copies of each issue; 600 dpi uncompressed in PDF and TIFF, and lossy (compressed) PDF and JPEG file formats. (The lossy compressed copies are still at 600 dpi so they look good but are lower quality than the archival copies. I figure the JPEG or lossy PDFs will be of interest to casual readers who just want to be able to re-read old articles on the web.) I've exported 42 issues of Softalk, all of ST.Mac and about five or six Softalk PCs. The screenshot accompanying this report will give you an idea of the volume of data queued for tranfer to the STAP project for "intake processing" which will result in these scans getting on-line soon.

In addition to these actions, I know we're working on some additional exciting SIG activities that we'll be announcing this coming week.

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Report filed by Pete 'Lo-Res' Caylor on behalf of the Scanning & Preservation SIG.