Tell Us: "What Softalk Means to Me"

Those who consider themselves to be 'Friends of Softalk' have a special place in their hearts and in their memories for why Softalk was, and remains, an important part of their lives. Once identified as a Friend of Softalk, we often hear detailed anecdotes from others testifying to the impact that simply reading this great magazine had on their youth, or at an otherwise formative time in their lives. Now, The Softalk Apple Project is going to have some "serious fun" finding out just "What Softalk Means to Me" by virtue of our new content type for contributions to the STAP website.

"The mission of The Softalk Apple Project is to preserve, explore, and extend the content legacy of Softalk magazine," explained STAP Research Director Jim Salmons, "As part of our extend mission we want to capture, and include in the historical record that will eventually be donated to the Stanford Libraries digital collections, these readers' tales of life-shifting impact. Even when reading Softalk did not dramatically change the trajectory of someone's life, Softalk had tremendous influence on its readers' perceptions of their roles in the technology revolution. While other magazines largely portrayed the bits and bytes of technology, Softalk championed the people and technology applications that were changing the world around us. By doing so it helped us to change the way we thought of ourselves in relationship to the emerging technological future. So many of us were inspired by Softalk; these anecdotes need to be part of the permanent record of the Softalk digital archive."

To contribute a "What Softalk Means to Me" story, simply create a new free user account or use your existing account to log onto the STAP website. Once logged on, you will find the 'Add content' link in your Navigation block on the left sidebar of most pages. Click the "What Softalk Means to Me" link and tell us your story. As visitor stories accumulate, you will find them easily accessible from the main menu bar which will take you to the "What Softalk Means to Me" summary page.

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What Softalk Means 2 Me (Version 2.0)

I have been "playing" with Apple II and IBM PC's for about 20+ years; both at
work and home...

Along with Nibble Magazine (which I have a few) and Compute Magazine (a bunch),
Softalk stands out in covering everything Apple...

The Graphically Speaking, Assembly Line columns as well as IInd Grade Chats provided information that I can use on my Apple IIc (which is nearby along with
two Dell Computers [Latitdude CSX and Dimension L550r]).

I used to have Softalk mags, but after a few "house moves" they are no more...
I look forward to "browsing" the Softalk issues once they are posted on the web
and "blow the dust off" the Apple IIC to do a little ML and Applesoft "offline",
even though I'm doing some Basic/ML combinations in the AppleWin Emulator
on the Dell desktop.

I have acquired a copy of Graphically Speaking book from the website and (when the finances are in sync) do a few minor
hardware upgrades on the Apple IIC....


Website Update??

While you are busy with the scanning/converting of Softalk mags to be posted online
(when??), when will your website be updated to be current and up-to-date??


Progess Tracker on Website

To Mr. Salmons:

Just checked the Twitter feed, but not much on the progress of Softalk PDFs...

When I go there, the CPU Utilization "skyrockets" to 100% (I have a System
Monitor on the desktop PC that monitors all aspects of the Windows environment -
System Memory , User Memory, GDI (Graphics Device Interface) and RAM)
Coud it be possible to post a "progress tracker" on the Website delineating
the progress by days? It would be much better than going to Twitter and
have one's PC or Laptop "choke" on all the Java "junk" embedded on Twitter...

Just a suggestion...


Hi SL,

Hi SL,

Never seen the processor-pegging issue you describe, but there is always the alternative of subscribing to our RSS feed at which will notify you of all site updates (I believe).

As an unfunded Citizen Science/History project, we have limited resources and are juggling many competing priorities. ATM, we have a next Wednesday deadline for our entry in the Ashoka changemakers #Play2Learn challenge. This networking/mentoring/funding program will be VERY important to the future of both the STAP and the FactMiners projects, so it has our focus right now.

There is a very deliberate and non-trivial pre-release processing that must be done to Peter Caylor's heroic scanning effort. The good news is that this project is being done and done the best we possibly can within the standards of digital cultural heritage preservation. The less good news is that we can't offer folks instant gratification by releasing unprocessed documents.